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Electrolysis is a technique used by scientists to separate a compound or molecule into its component parts. By adding electricity to water and providing a path for the different particles to follow, the water can be separated into hydrogen and oxygen. Electrolysis of water is the process by which water is decomposed into oxygen and hydrogen gas, when electric current is passed through it. Water molecule is decomposed in to H+ and OH- ions, when electric current is passed through it. These ions move to oppositely charged electrodes and liberated as gases at different electrodes. Water Electrolysis Manufacturers; Exporters; Suppliers, buy Water Electrolysis Online India, Lab Equipment Manufacturers in India. Lab Equipments Manufacturers, Educational Trainer Manufacturers, Water Electrolysis Manufacturers in India.

Leclanche Cell Tell Instrument

Product Code : EL-WE-10862

Product Description Leclanche cell Tell Instrument School Educational equipment Leclanche cell Tell Instrument A transparent cup, a carbon, and connected with the positive terminal; the outer ring has a zinc ring close to

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Daniell Cell Experiments Apparatus

Product Code : EL-WE-10863

Product Description Daniell cell Experiments Apparatus School Teaching equipment Daniell cell Experiments Apparatus The product is composed of a transparent plastic cup, a zinc ring, a ceramic cup, a copper pipe, a positio

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Conductivity of Solutions Apparatus

Product Code : EL-WE-10864

Product Description Conductivity of Solutions Apparatus Conductivity of Solutions Apparatus, Solution Conductometer For students educational use The cover is designed to fit a clear glass tumbler. Light bulb, glass tumbler,

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Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus

Product Code : EL-WE-10865

Product Description Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus Educational Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus Description Hoffman voltmeter apparatus for demonstrating the qualitative and quantitative effect of current on water in educ

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Water Electrolysis Device

Product Code : EL-WE-10866

Product Description Water Electrolysis Device Brownlee Electrolysis Apparatus, Water Electrolysis Device This Brownlee Electrolysis Apparatus comes complete with platinum electrodes, glass test tubes, and screw termi

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Brownlee Electrolysis Apparatus

Product Code : EL-WE-10867

Product Description Brownlee Electrolysis Apparatus Brownlee Electrolysis Apparatus, Self Contained Water Electrolysis Device

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Self Contained Water Electrolysis Device

Product Code : EL-WE-10868

Product Description Self Contained Water Electrolysis Device Water Electrolysis Apparatus, Self Contained Water Electrolysis Device Product description This fully self contained water electrolyzer comes complete with carbon elec

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Water Electrolysis Experiment Device

Product Code : EL-WE-10869

Product Description Water Electrolysis Experiment device Product Description The Water Electrolysis Experiment Device is made of transparent polycarbonate material. It is made up of experiment base, electrode, airtight chamber, observation

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